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Demi Lovato Says They're Looking Forward to "Having a Family"

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  • Posted on 23rd Aug, 2022 14:17 PM

The singer recently confirmed their relationship with fellow musician Jordan Lutes.

As they celebrate the release of their hit album Holy Fvck, Demi Lovato revealed what's left in their bucket list.

During a talk with Entertainment Tonight, the singer admitted, "Things like having a family is really important to me." They added, "It's the substance of life."

The singer is currently dating fellow musician Jordan Lutes, who just confirmed their relationship with a romantic Instagram tribute to Lovato on their 30th birthday. "Happy birthday baby. ur a 30 year old minx and i'm the luckiest schmuck in the world cuz i get to call u mine," he wrote next to a carousel of sweet photos of the two. They have been dating for several months.

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"I’ve really figured out who I am," Lovato told the outlet of turning 30 on August 20. "I say that a lot, every time I get older, but it’s like I’ve never felt so sure of myself and grounded."

Lovato added that after two decades in the music business, they have finally found their sound. "I’m back to my roots and I’m no longer performing in little leotards and in stilettos, you know, trying to be someone I thought people wanted from me," they said. "Now I just get to be myself -- my genuine, authentic self -- and perform the songs that I want to perform."

They said they now know what they want to communicate with their music, and added, "Finding my own voice was really important to me and now I understand that I am in control of my life. I make my own decisions and I'm my own boss."

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