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Half Magic Beauty Makes it Easy to Get Euphoria Makeup Looks at Home

Half Magic Beauty Makes it Easy to Get Euphoria Makeup Looks at Home  Image
  • Posted on 12th Jun, 2022 13:17 PM

Cassie and Maddie, who?

If you obsess over HBO's Euphoria for the beauty looks, here's some news that might inspire your next cut crease.

To make it easy to recreate whimsical Euphoria High-inspired looks at home, the hit show's makeup designer Donni Davy recently launched her first-ever brand, Half Magic Beauty, in partnership with production company A24. The vibrant collection has been in development for over two years and is designed for wearers to layer different textures together to craft signature looks, the way Davy does on set. From the Chromaddiction Matte Eye Paint and Liner (there's also a shimmer version, though it's currently out of stock) to the Light Trap highlighter and blush—not to mention face adornments, lip kits, tools, and more—Half Magic has something for maximalists, minimalists, and everyone in between.

Half Magic Beauty

While creating cult-favorite looks is now Davy's primary passion, the celebrity artist tells BAZAAR.com that becoming a beauty expert wasn't her initial calling. "I kind of got into makeup by accident," Davy says. "My background is more in the visual arts—I went to Pratt Institute and studied photo. I was living in New York from 2006 to 2012, and it seemed like everyone at that time wanted to be a photographer. One of my close friends I've known since preschool, who has watched me grow artistically over the years, suggested I do makeup for movies. I basically was like, 'Okay, that sounds great.' And I knew nothing about the industry, so I decided to just pick up and follow a makeup artist."

Euphoria makeup designer and Half Magic Beauty co-founder and creative director Donni Davy sits in her beauty trailer.
Half Magic Beauty
A texture close-up of Half Magic Beauty’s GLITTERPILL Eye Paint + Liner in assorted colors.
Half Magic Beauty

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@tiffdods is living her BEST LIFE and all of our dreams 😩 to have our makeup done by Euphoria’s makeup artist @DONNI. Check out Tiffany’s final look and get a preview of Half Magic, Donni Davy’s new makeup line ✨.

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After moving back to her hometown of Venice within Los Angeles, California, Davy worked under the wing of a local makeup artist to learn the basics of makeup application, along with some special FX techniques. "It was a cool way to find something to do that was related to my background, other than just trying to be an artist in New York City." As a practicing makeup artist, Davy began her career answering Craigslist ads for those in need of professional services. Later, she worked on student films, gleaning insider knowledge of the way beauty works on-set.

Davy started gaining recognition for her makeup skills after working on the A24-produced and Andrew Garfield-led thriller, Under the Silver Lake, which ultimately led her to an interview for the Euphoria pilot. "I think viewers' positive response to the beauty seen on Euphoria reflects a lot of what is felt about the industry. This fun, fantastical beauty isn't just reserved for the runway, and the way people are responding just shows that there's a real desire to showcase these kind of makeup looks. I've always loved color, and the way it came back into my life was through makeup."

Half Magic Beauty

Half Magic Beauty not only aims to perpetuate the current trend of bold, expressive makeup, but also make it more accessible, bridging the gap between runway or editorial makeup and everyday, wearable looks. The collection ranges from $10 to $204 for a la carte items, and features complete eye and lip makeup sets for seamless glam.

Half Magic Beauty is available to shop exclusively at halfmagicbeauty.com.

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