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How This Weekend's Solar Eclipse Is Messing With Your Life

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  • Posted on 16th Jun, 2022 06:32 AM

It's all about changing what doesn't work in the long run, but MAN, does it suck right now.

On January 5, the first solar eclipse of the year arrived in the industrious earth sign Capricorn, which means the Capricornian areas of your life—career, finances, status—are subject to much change now! Eclipses can have effects reaching up to seven years, but this one plays out in just one month, mostly wrapping up by the first week of February, but with lasting impressions still being felt for up to a year.

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Capricorns and Cancers will feel the most impact from this eclipse, and Aries and Libras will experience a ton of its energy too! If you have access to your own birth chart, check any placements around 15º Capricorn, the degree of the eclipse. If any planets or points fall there in your birth chart, expect some heavy changes!

Solar eclipses signify fresh opportunities and newness entering your life.

Eclipses are rare, with only four happening per year on average, so they’re always a big deal. Some are more powerful than others, but each eclipse leaves a substantial impression somehow. They encourage you to reconfigure and wrap things up so you can transition to the next chapter.

Solar eclipses in particular signify fresh opportunities and newness entering your life. The great changes brought about by an eclipse happen through circumstances totally outside of your control. You get an email, text message, or overhear a piece of information that changes everything. In business-minded Capricorn, you’re likely to hear something that heavily impacts your work life over the next month, providing new beginnings in the professional realm.

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While that all sounds great, this eclipse in Capricorn is HEAVY. It’s in the serious sign of Capricorn, right between two powerhouse planets, Saturn and Pluto. Saturn is all about responsibility and discipline, while Pluto represents destruction and rebirth. This means that right now, you have a lot on your plate. There’s the potential for a big new project, a promotion, or relationship looming on the horizon, but what about all of the unfinished work cluttering your space up now? Strict Saturn says “Look at all that you could be doing! Don’t squander this chance to do something big—pick up the pace so you’re ready to handle all of the responsibility and excitement of this upcoming opportunity!”

You need to take a minute to stop and observe all of the new information you have, and then act.

The electric atmosphere energizes you to push yourself forward, but don’t make any sudden moves! Eclipses get the ball rolling by introducing big things in a short amount of time, and you need to take a minute to stop and observe all of the new information you have and then act. Saturn’s presence helps you take a realistic approach and create a sound plan to handle your shit so that you can have a fresh start.

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So with Saturn and Capricorn dominating this eclipse, the mood can feel confusing and even bleak at times. All arrows point to transitions in your professional sector, and you’re motivated to be practical and serious when approaching these changes. The coldness of Saturn isn’t fun to deal with, but there’s also a pleasant influence from Neptune, which stimulates empathy and encourages sensitivity. So even though work is the main focus, growth in your relationships is possible now, too! How will this eclipse affect your sign? Read the horoscopes below to find out!


This is major! This eclipse is shifting your focus completely towards your professional life, reputation, and public image. Cap season’s vibes already have you in all-work-no-play mode, but this eclipse really reinforces that by hinting at a promotion, raise, or new job elsewhere if you take care of what you need to right now.


You’re very cut-and-dry when it comes to most areas of life, and work steadily to move from point A to point B efficiently—but what about what comes after that? One of your weaknesses is your nearsighted approach to things that borders on having tunnel vision, and you don’t remember to think about long-term goals. This eclipse brings opportunities with travel or higher education that inspire you to wake up!


This eclipse reminds you that money makes the world go around! Nobody likes to think about student loans, bills, or taxes, but these things are thematic of your eclipse story. Pay attention to other people’s finances in relation to your own. Are you in debt? A late fee or higher minimum payment this month might throw you for a loop! However, the eclipse can bring positive impact to your financial situation through a cash gift, inheritance, or bonus. Make sure you use it responsibly!


The next several eclipses happen in your sign and your sister sign, Capricorn, so the events and affairs leading up to 2020 are major for you! This particular eclipse focuses on your relationships. With the Capricorn influence, the most notable activity happens with your business partnerships now, but there’s definitely the possibility of big changes in your friendships or love life! These changes come from the other person offering you an invitation or proposition to try something new—think it over before immediately saying yes!


Capricorn season is the ultimate bummer for your sign and pulls all of your focus on work. Even when you’re off the clock, you feel like you have to stay productive no matter what. Your schedule is too hectic to handle, and this eclipse sheds a light on how you handle your day-to-day affairs. You’re inspired to rearrange, declutter, and reorganize everything (Tidying Up With Marie Kondo on Netflix might be helpful, FYI). Not just your work routine is undergoing change—your health as far as your exercise habits and diet can be transformed for the better now.


This eclipse is less business-focused for your sign. It occurs in your chart’s fifth house, AKA the zone of love, sex, fun, and creativity! There are opportunities to try something new for fun or turn a hobby into a source of income with this eclipse. You might also experience more activity in your love life! Catching feelings for someone is way more likely to occur right now. You can get super lucky with this eclipse and find your crush coming up to you to ask for your number, or see if you want to grab coffee sometime soon. Score!


How’s life at home? Changes with your living situation are afoot and will be related to your job, your roommates, or your family. Maybe your roomie is moving out and the new roommate brought by the eclipse becomes an important friend. Maybe you’re the one doing the relocating and finding a new place to stay. If you’re going steady with someone, your S.O. might want to take the next step and live with you. A new career opportunity might also spur you to pack up and relocate.


Tons of opportunity to socialize and network come from this eclipse. New professional contacts teach you tons in a short amount of time, and there’s a lot of mental activity in your life going on right now. A get-together or class can provide you with tons of resources in the form of networking, new connections, and a great deal of knowledge. This eclipse wants to introduce you to important people and expose information that you can use to your advantage in your professional life.


This eclipse highlights your income. Your financial situation has been existing in extremes lately. That could mean your bank account is running dangerously low on cash, or maybe you’ve been lucky enough to have a few fat paychecks back-to-back lately or a nice holiday bonus helping you feel more stable and secure. Either way, circumstances lead to big gains or losses that urge you to reconsider your spending habits, followed by an opportunity to change them.


This is a big one! Until 2020, you and your sister sign, Cancer, are subject to back-to-back eclipses in your signs. You’re growing up and maturing. Even if you’re already grown, these eclipses lead to serious personal development. These unusual circumstances lead you to having a more detailed and complete idea of who you are. What are your goals? Who do you want to become? Chasing your personal dreams is encouraged now, and you can discover and define new parts of yourself.


This eclipse brings a need for alone time. You’re introspective and reflective lately, and you’re filled with memories of the past due to current situations happening IRL remind you of long gone people, projects, and promises from the past. This eclipse helps you find closure and your sign is lucky enough to get a truly fresh start to the year as a result!


It’s a social time for you, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a fun time. You’re busy AF at work and there are tons of networking opportunities coming your way. The relationships you form at your job are especially important right now, and the people you leave a good impression on today may be your future friends in high places. Business meetings and professional affairs are on your agenda and draw attention to your short-term accomplishments as well as your long-term aspirations. What’s your end goal?

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