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Madonna Throws Opulent "Surrealistic" Dance Party in Italy with Her Kids

Madonna Throws Opulent "Surrealistic" Dance Party in Italy with Her Kids Image
  • Posted on 18th Aug, 2022 13:47 PM

"Cheers to motha," daughter Lola says in a clip from the extravagant evening.

Madonna's Italian birthday celebration turned into a full-on Alice in Wonderland–inspired bash, filled with eccentric designer looks, cascades of jewels, and lots of dancing.

The pop queen, 64, shared a video of the extravagant evening, in which she starts off by saying, "Come to my surrealistic party, where nothing is logical—often disturbing." The clip then turns into a dance fete synched to the sound of Madonna's "I Don't Search I Find (Honey Dijon Radio Mix)."

The theme of the night was fashionable surrealism—and everyone delivered. Attendees wore their most opulent ensembles, featuring crowns, face jewels, shimmering gowns, and masks.

To the bash, the star of the night wore a sultry lacy black dress with golden buttons, fishnet stockings, black mesh opera gloves, a white top hat with a face painted on it, and a black netted veil that covered her face. She finished the look with chunky silver, gold, and diamond necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Even her manicure was surrealist: red French tips with a blue evil eye. And, of course, her dramatic beauty look—a gray smoky eye with a bright red lip—echoed the trippy cabaret aesthetic.

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In the video, shared on her Instagram, Madonna is seen walking arm in arm with her son David Banda, 16, who wore sequined black wide-leg pants and no shirt, accessorizing instead with an oversized necklace with black and gold crosses, a diamond chocker, and colorful jewel drop earrings, also with crosses. He paired the look with black boots and a hat.

Even Madonna’s nine-year-old twins, Stella and Estere Ciccone, were little flappers for the night, wearing black-and-white newspaper-print dresses with black gloves, silver sneakers, gold necklaces, and diamond-encrusted headpieces.

The singer’s eldest daughter, Lourdes Leon, 25, looked like a pop star herself in a silver metallic miniskirt, metallic blue bra top, and long red hair.

Throughout the night, guests were entertained by acrobats and dancers who performed under colorful lights.

In a clip from the end of the party, Lola and Madonna are seen sitting in the back of a car, sipping drinks. "Cheers to motha," Lola says before giving her mom a kiss on the cheek.

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