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The New Moon in Libra Fixes All Your Relationships

The New Moon in Libra Fixes All Your Relationships Image
  • Posted on 16th Jun, 2022 05:47 AM

Including (most importantly) the one with yourself. 💖

If you've had weird tiffs with your BFF or tension with your boo lately, help is on the way!
September 28 brings a New Moon in Libra
, which inspires positive changes in all your relationships, particularly because it pushes you to recognize your own needs and calmly articulate them.

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That same day, Venus and Jupiter also connect, expanding everyone's hearts, and commitment planet Saturn aligns with the South Node of Destiny, bringing lots of relationship karma. Seems intense, huh? Not really. If you've been flakey or cruel to someone, you can expect to suffer some repercussions–and that applies to any toxic friends or f*ckboys in your life as well. But if you've been doing your best, this the time where any issues smooth over.

With this New Moon, the temptation will be to focus all your energy on patching things up, but FYI: It’s important that you take time and honor the most important relationship of all—the one you have with yourself.


You suffered from a broken heart in the past, and now it’s time to put all that pain and regret in the rearview mirror. This New Moon offers you the chance to move on from the heartache you endured, as long as you’re truly ready to let it all go.


It’s time to get physical with your boo! Cuddle up and spend the whole day snuggling in each other’s arms. If you’re single, don’t hesitate in showing your affection to your new Tinder crush. Get as unabashedly gushy as you damn well please!


No one is a bigger flirt than you, and you’re ready to get back into the romantic groove. It’s time to catch feels for someone new! Whether it’s the barista down the street or your gym bud, you feel suddenly empowered to make some moves.


You've been craving some serious alone time with a partner or new fling, especially in the form of a romantic vacay. This New Moon will make that happen, as long as you're willing to turn your phone off long enough to actually gaze into your lover’s eyes. Save the couple selfie grams for #tbts so you waste zero time mulling them over on your trip.


You have a lot on your mind, but are a lil afraid to speak from the heart. Stop holding your emotional cards close to your chest and speak your truth, bb! The worst that could happen is you're "too much" for the clearly wrong person and break up, but that's less time wasted for you!


It’s time you built your confidence up to ask that special someone out already. Take the initiative and make plans for coffee or cocktails. Best case scenario (and more likely with this astrology): they'll say yes. And at the very least, you'll have learned to put yourself out there more!


You’re bringing sexy back! Not for anyone else, though—only for yourself! Your focus during the New Moon is on leaning into your confidence and loving yourself more. Makes sense–it IS your season, after all.


It’s time to set some much needed boundaries with bae. The two of you have become super close—which is great—but you're longing for some alone time. Gently let them know “it’s not them, it’s you” who needs a hot minute to recharge your batteries. If they care about you, they'll understand your needs.


You’re in the mood to switch romantic gears and elevate a causal relationship to the next level. Whether you go from friends to lovers, or vice versa, try to be kind when flipping the dynamic. Also, think carefully if it's the right move before taking action.


A very personal (and kinda cheesy) announcement about your relationship might be made on Insta (like your new boo writing three paragraphs about how great you are), making you want to run for the hills. Take it in stride and don’t let any mild embarrassment interfere with your overall happiness. If it bugs you a lot, be (gently!) honest about toning down the PDA.


An infatuation from a distance can start to feel a little out of hand. Don't get too upset if they don’t reciprocate your major feels. They either will in due time, or someone who really wants to be with you will come along (which is so much more fun than an unattainable crush, anyway.)


Your lesser seen passionate self is coming out of the woodwork. Change up your Tinder profile to reflect your deepest desires. You’re on the prowl and looking for a fiery new flame to be by your bedside through the fall (or longer, if your cuff feels more like LTR material.)

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